BLUE-TECH Pipes is tough uPVC In-House / Main Distribution water pipe. It conforms with the standard set and exceeds the bursting pressure requirement. This pipe is manufactured under strict product quality control and testing. It is designed to withstand excessive pressure variance and material strain during installation and on actual usage thus assuring a safe and uncontaminated transmission of potable water from source to distribution points.

Blue Tech  uPVC Pipe is produced using the latest European technology and Equipment, coupled with the best raw materials available. The rubber ring used is internationally tested against leaks. 

Blue Tech pipe provides you with the almost quality of a uPVC pipe assuring you of high pressure rating, high water flow and long service life.

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uPVC In-House Portable Water Pipes

Nominal Size (inch) Outside Diameter (mm)

Wall Thickness (mm)

  Minimum               Tolerace(+)

Standard Length (m)
1/2 20 1.8                              .38 6
3/4 25 1.9                              .38 6
1 32 2.0                              .40 6
1 1/4 40 2.3                              .43 6
1 1/2 50 2.9                              .49 6
2 63 3.6                              .56 6


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