Female Threaded Adaptor

>Light weight, easy to load and unload
>Good chemicals and drugs resistance
>Small resistance to fluidity
>Strong mechanical strength
>Water quality unaffected
>Simple installation

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Suitable for use below ground on cold water services. All fittings have a co-polymer polypropylene body, nut and thrust ring, acetal grab ring and nitrile seal. High impact resistant body and nut enables absorption of thermal and mechanical stress.


20mm x 1/2″” 50mm x 1/2”
20mm x 3/4″ 63mm x 2”
25mm x 3/4” 75mm x 2”
32mm x 1” 75mm x 2 1/2”
40mm x 3/4” 90mm x 3”
40mm x 1 1/4” 110mm x 4”


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