Single Outlet Saddle Clamp

Single Outlet Saddle Clamps provides a cost-effective way to install branch connectors to existing pipes in either a temporary or a permanent installation.  CPVC pipe saddle can also be installed on metal pipes to begin transitioning to a plastic pipe system.

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32mm x 1/2”90mm x 1/2”
32mm x 3/4”90mm x 3/4”
32mm x 1”90mm x 1”
40mm x 1/2”90mm x 1/2”
40mm x 3/4”90mm x 1  1/2”
40mm x 1″90mm x 2″
50mm x 1/2” 110mm x 1/2″
50mm x 3/4”110mm x 3/4″
50mm x 3/4”110mm x 3/4″
50mm x 1”110mm x 1″
63mm x 1/2″110mm x 1 1/4″
63mm x 3/4″110mm x 1 1/2
63mm x 1″110mm x 2″
63mm x  1 1/4″160mm x 3/4″
75mm x 3/4″160mm x 1″
75mm x 1″160mm x 2″
75mm x 2″225mm x 2″


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