Male Threaded Adaptor

Safe and durable, fast and easily connected.
Perfect water tightness, locking nut for a clinching system.
Simple insertion of the tube in the fitting.
High resistance to temperature and ultraviolet shocks.

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They are probably the most widely used plastic pipe systems in industrial pressure applications and are found in the water treatment, swimming pool, cooling, heating, chemical and process industries to name but a few. Can also be used for domestic use such a marine aquarium, fish keeping/tanks, ponds.


20mm x 1/2″” 50mm x 1/2”
20mm x 3/4″ 63mm x 2”
25mm x 3/4” 75mm x 2”
32mm x 1” 75mm x 2 1/2”
40mm x 3/4” 90mm x 3”
40mm x 1 1/4” 110mm x 4”


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