CONDU-TECH Pipes is best for electrical application wherein electrical wires & power cables are protected. It is non flammable and are safe for exposed piping and conduit application. It also possess high insulation properties thus making it suitable for the prevention of short-circuit and grounding.

Condu-tech is made of premium plastic materials processed using German machines. It has high comes with a hub for fast & easy connection.

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Condu tech  rigid electrical pipe is produced based on the PNS 14 standard. It is used to protect electrical wires from short circuiting. It has electrical insulating properties.

  • Non Flammable 
  • Easy Installation
  • High Impact Strength
  • High Compression Strength
  • Superior Electrical propertis
  • Excellent Insulation Properties



Nominal Size (inch)Outside Diameter (mm)

Wall Thickness (mm)

Thick Wall          Thin Wall

Standard Length (m)
1/2″202.2                          1.53
3/4″252.3                           1.53
1″322.4                           1.53
1 1/4″402.4                           1.53
1 1/2″502.4                           1.53
2″632.5                           1.53
2 1/1″752.9                              –3
3″903.5                               –3
4″1104.2                               –3
6″1606.1                               –3



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